It’s your friend’s birthday. She is getting another year younger (we only get younger, deal with it) and you want to give her the best birthday present ever. Well, the best birthday present you can think of this year. There are many things she needs, many things she wants and you might have an inkling of a few of those things. You have a problem though, many of those things are outside your budget, so what do you do?

You stop and think. You could always go with the typical Facebook message. At least then she would know you were thinking of her (even though Facebook had to remind you it was her birthday). That doesn’t feel like enough. You’re already too late to make her a card or buy her a card — or maybe you did, you made her an absolutely lovely card, but you want to do more. This is a special friend, she deserves more. So what can you do?

And then you remember — she is a highly skilled artist and she makes art. You’ve already bought a lovely piece of artwork from her the previous month, you could buy it again maybe. Where would you put it? You are stumped. Well let one, Mr. Green Embers, give you an idea.

You share.

You can share your friend everywhere! You share her lovely words to all of your friends. You share her beautiful artwork with all of your friends. You share her lovely videos with all your friends.

It is a simple thing, sharing, but it is the one thing that means so much to us. Nothing says I love you like sharing your friend with the world. I know when I work hard and someone shares that work it makes me the happiest, greenest, person around. I’m like the brightest light bulb shining in the darkness because one of my friends chose to share a little piece of me.

When your friend’s have birthdays, I hope you remember these words of mine and that you take the time to share their artwork with the whole world. We are all artists.

Now a little bird, rather a dinosaur, told me it’s her birthday today! So in celebration of Rarasaur, here are ways you can share her around the globe!

  • Buy 10 copies of her book and share them with all your friends
  • Find a post that she wrote on her blog, that has personal meaning for you, and share it everywhere!
  • Watch her YouTube show (it’s Frightfully Wondrous)
    • Share an episode of her YouTube show with your friends, with the world!
    • Subscribe!
  • Listen to her Audcast (it’s on Sound Cloud, iTunes & Google Play)
    • Share an episode of her Audcast with the world.
    • Subscribe!
  • Become a Patrondactyl and help support her artwork for many years to come!

To Ra, may you have a wonderful birthday and many years of growing younger ahead of you. You are special.


Of spoons and people!

I haven’t been on blogging land very much the past few weeks, but there is a good reason for that; I have been working on a collaborative project with the amazing Rarasaur and I am so very pleased to share our very first video for Ra’s new YouTube show!

Welcome to The Frightfully Wondrous Show with Ra Avis!

We could certainly use your love and support with this first video! Here are three things you can do to help support your local dinosaur:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel!
  • Watch the video and if you liked it, hit that thumbs up like button!
  • And please share the video everywhere!

And if you want to directly support Ra, you can become a patrondactyl over at her Patreon! Your donations will be put back into the show to help make it better!

And leave us feedback! We want to hear from you! If there are things you thought that could be improved, let us know and we will work on it. We want to make this the best show we can and I feel we are off to a fine start!

expletive, expletive, expletive

Could not say it better. Listen to Deb and think before making disparaging comments! And a warning, do not ever disrespect any of my friends.

The Monster in Your Closet


When you leave comments on my posts attacking my friends, I’ll move your comments to my trash can and block you!

I testified in front of a wealthy pedophile when I was barely old enough to tie my shoes. If you tell me the U.S. justice system is just or that people punished by it must have deserved punishment (while those wealthy who walk free must be innocent), I will laugh … and I will trash your comments in accord with my post, “Your comment, meet my trash can.”

If you have any concerns with this, please go ahead and reflect upon this music video.

And then go eff yourself.

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#Somethingist Unfinished

This is for a fun 30 day challenge that you can read about here on Rarasaur.com. So if all works out, you guys should get a post per day from me! Yay (said none of you, lol)

Did you know I have tried writing a fiction novel? Turns out I am fairly rubbish at writing, who knew (probably everyone of you). For my ‘unfinished’ I wanted to share links to previous posts for my werewolf novel.

Before I share the links, here are a few fun facts about this novel:

  • I deliberately wrote it vague, never mentioning werewolves — I wanted to see how much of the story I could leave unsaid but still be inferred. I was very happy to see that many of the readers at the time were able to correctly guess werewolves.
  • One of the reasons I let the story die (other than the fact I suck at writing), is I realized I had no central conflict. I had some interesting ideas, but without a central conflict there is no story.
  • For me, werewolves > vampires. Of course now the big thing is zombies. Maybe one day werewolves will get their time in the moon!
  • Speaking of the moon. In my werewolf lore, werewolves are not bound by the full moon. They can switch forms at will, however if they do not change to wolf form at least once every 30 days, then every day after that they run the risk of an uncontrolled change. Ancient werewolves chose to transform around the full moon as the light was better and it was an easy way to keep track of 30 days passing.


Here are the links: