BR – Goals Week 48

Last Week

Well, I am feeling a bit discouraged right now, but for other reasons than my goals.

Last week I did well. I’ve been listening to my affirmations. I wrote my movie review and I finished my PepperJam. Oh and I did the thing! This is my last post as part of #NaBloPoMo! The previous post from today was my bonus post, so this is the final thing. If I had my head on straight, this post would have been yesterday and my vision board post for today. Oh well, what’s done is done.


  • Keep listening to affirmations at least an hour per day. Try doing more active affirmations where I repeat what is being said. (Yup keeping this one).
  • Figure out my banking situation (this is why I am discouraged).
  • Have a new comic for next Wednesday prepared this weekend.
  • At work — learn more of the billing process and bill at least one property this week, with zero mistakes.
    • But even if I do make mistakes, learn so I can do better.🙂


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