When I was young

my soul felt pain,

So I built walls.

It worked.

I kept people out,

And I felt no pain,

But it worked too well.

It kept out everyone,

Even those I love.

And then to my discovery,

These high walls,

Also kept me in.

So now my soul is locked away

And feels no pain.

And feels no love.

But it still feels,

So very alone.


How do you recharge from feeling drained?

I am currently in burn out mode. It feels like any motivation is completely dead. Like my creativity is submerged in water and floundering.

I need to recharge my batteries but nothing really appears to be working. I feel behind on my self appointed tasks. I feel like I have a thousand different options and yet all seem unhelpful. And I am finding it hard to read blog posts.

I recently did a Facebook Live video, to get out of my comfort zone in an effort to help recharge. I am not sure if I feel recharged, but it definitely gave me a spike of adrenaline. Fight or Flight response working in overtime there.:)

So hopefully I find a good method for recharging. Maybe I should look into meditation? My problem with meditation in the past, is I don’t know if I am doing it right. Anyone have a Meditation for Dummies guide?


Dino Love #SaturdayScribblers

I am not quite as late as last time, but still pretty late. Here is my addition to Dean’s #SaturdayScribblers prompt # 8.

Here is the scribble:


Here is my sketch:


Here is the final version:


I hope Ra doesn’t mind I borrowed her for this one. It also worked well for a test I want to see for the maybe Web Series that maybe will happen…

Hey this would be a good time to check out Ra’s book of poetry on Goodreads, maybe buy a copy or ten.


“Sack Nasty” by Ra is available to purchase and devour (as in the book, not the inedible food the book is named after). Go buy a copy and support your local dinosaur today!:)


sacknastySack Nasty is a compilation of poetry about prison. Unlike this blog, the stories told here don’t always fall sunny-side up. They are an outpouring of the uglier edges of prison life. They are about the illusion of dignity, the malleability of justice, and the fluidity (and fluids) of the human condition. These are true stories from 438 days of incarceration.

The title, Sack Nasty, refers to the nickname given to the bagged lunches served to jail birds. Prison food is nearly inedible, and the lies cooked up are all too easy to digest, but the important thing to remember is– you don’t have to eat what they feed you. Freedom sustains itself.

Available for $13.99 via Amazon.com. Signed copies available here.

Where should I buy the book?

The fastest way is to purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Sack-Nasty-Prison-Ra-Avis/dp/1945681047

I make about $5 more if you order through me, but…

View original post 434 more words


Blogerations: Blog Icons

Do you know what a Blog Icon is? Do you like them? Do you have one?

For those who do not know what a Blog Icon is, I’ll give an explanation.

Some of you might know them as favicons. They are the tiny images that show up in browser tabs to further add flavor to a website.


If you setup a WordPress blog icon, it will be used in your My Sites list, for pingbacks and in the reader. Here is an example of a blog without a blog icon and my own as seen in the reader:


I love blog icons! I hope more people start adding them to their own blogs. I think they really give more flavor to a blog’s personality.:)

For WordPress users here is a link to the official WordPress guide on how to update your Blog Icon: https://en.support.wordpress.com/blavatars/

It’s Not Bad Taste, It’s Just Not Great

One of the things I loved most about being absorbed into a community of artists and artisans is their total disregard for “good taste” as a virtue.

Because, you see, I don’t have it.

It is good taste, and good taste alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first handicap to any creative functioning. - Salvador Dali #IAmUnsterilized
It is good taste, and good taste alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first handicap to any creative functioning. – Salvador Dali
Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste. - Charles Bukowski #IAmAFutureMillionaire
Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste. – Charles Bukowski

Unfortunately, when you get right down to it, I don’t know if these artists would be too impressed by my classically bad taste in things. Mostly because a lot of my bad taste has to do with a strange obsession with fake things.

Here are the top 3 cringe-worthy examples:

I like fake cheese.

Okay, okay, I admit it. I love fake cheese. If I had to choose between a block of cheddar, and a spray can of orange substance– I’d need a moment to think.

There are a lot of reasons, but let’s break it down:

  1. Fake cheese melts better.
  2. Fake cheese smells less.
  3. Fake cheese comes in cans, powders, and other fantastic formats. It makes me feel like a Jetson.
Let's go buy some space cheese!
Let’s go buy some space cheese!

I like animals, but I like them best when they’re dressed like other animals.

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite animal is, I have to remind myself that hamsters-dressed-as-bunnies and cats-dressed-as-lions don’t actually count.

I mean, animals are important to the universe and wonderful in their own right– as unique and valued beings. It’s just that they add an element of “amazing” to my life when they’re dressed up!

Oh come on. It's a chihuahuasaur. How is this not the most adorable thing ever?
Oh come on. It’s a chihuahuasaur. How is this not the most adorable thing ever?

I love cover bands, often more than the original bands.

There’s no real explanation here. Sometimes, covers are just far more likely to make me believe I can fly…



Now I know everyone has a little bit of bad taste, so fess up– what are your cringe-worthy loves?

Image source Imgur

Guest Post – Wanted: the purrfect pet…

I’m thinking of getting a cat.

The dog won’t like it, of course… but that, just at present, is fine.

I have a few requirements from this prospective new member of the household. First and foremost, it must be illiterate. It is bad enough having to compete with the dog for reviews, and the fan mail is all hers too. And that is quite without finding tennis balls on my desk or jammed against the power switch of the printer.

She does my writerly ego no good at all when every post of hers gets far more views than mine… and always more comments and compliments… when she is a household name worldwide while I shiver in the obscurity of my garret…

So. Illiterate, with no interest in changing that status. That’s a must.

I think I would prefer a feline with a dairy allergy… one that would, for example, let me eat a morsel of cheese without looking as if it hadn’t been fed in six months. Without making me feel like the greatest beast in nature for attempting to resist those big, brown eyes. And while we are at it, perhaps I should stipulate that the cat be vegetarian… or better still, vegan… then I don’t have to share every morsel that graces my plate.

It could have the broccoli…

Plus I would know that the contents of the fridge are safe. Cats can’t open fridge doors, can they?


Okay… so a cat that can’t then… Or maybe one that is on a diet. With willpower.

I’d probably prefer something a bit feral too… that took itself for walks when it is raining, preferred roaming the night to hogging the sofa…

And while we’re on the subject of sofas…

Cats can’t possibly snore like she does…

(Note from Small Dog: I don’t snore!)

You can get hairless cats, can’t you? Ones that don’t moult…

And don’t need bathing because they rolled in something unmentionable on the field…

I don’t want to bathe a cat. They don’t like it.

AniThe dog doesn’t like it either… but a cat won’t like it with claws…

Of course, the dog wouldn’t like a cat.  Which could be a bit of a problem given the apocalyptic mayhem that ensues every time next door’s Ginger wanders into the garden…

Maybe I should get a parrot instead…

(Do parrots taste like chicken?)

Or a goldfish…

(I like fish too…)

Or maybe I should accept defeat and stick with the dog…

sue vincentSue Vincent is a Yorkshire born writer, painter and award winning poet. She is also one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. Sue lives in Buckinghamshire, England, having been stranded there due to an unfortunate incident with a pin, a map and a blindfold; a temporary glitch of some twenty years duration. She has a lasting love-affair with the landscape of Albion; that hidden country of the heart that is the backdrop for many of her books, particularly those co-authored with Stuart France. She is currently owned by a small dog who also blogs and who gets all the fan mail.

Where to connect with Sue: